About Us

Kingdom Community, Inc., is a 501c3 organization established March 29, 2005 as a non-profit economic community development corporation. We are a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency and has been approved as an Adopter of the National Industry Standard for Homeownership Counseling. Our organization has served Chicago’s inner city population which consists of diversified groups who are often considered low-income, high-risk, homeless, unemployed, and disproportionately impacted by economic crisis.

Our Vision

Our vision statement is to be a paramount provider of programs and services to save our neighborhoods from decay and destruction. Kingdom Community, Inc., seeks to address economic, educational, and social challenges in Chicago's inner city.

Our Mission

The mission of Kingdom Community, Inc. is to meet the needs of those that are considered disadvantaged, distressed, and disconnected from opportunities and resources.  Kingdom Community, Inc. serves the homeless, ex-offenders, single parents, low-income residents and at-risk teens in the Austin, North Lawndale and Garfield Park communities on the Westside of Chicago. They have served these communities for over seven years by providing advocacy, intervention, counseling services, self-development and empowerment opportunities for low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families. 

Areas We Serve

Kingdom Community, Inc., serves the Cook County, Chicago’s Austin, North Lawndale, and East Garfield Park communities. 

HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency 

Adopter of the National Industry Standard
for Homeownership Counseling